There are so many forms of bondage. From drugs and alcohol to an endless quest to be forever young. We are so broken. But we don’t have to be.


 Anxiety. Insecurity. Rejection. Sickness. Lack. Pressure. Addiction.

None of this has authority in your life as a believer. Jesus’ finished work on the cross gives us the power to overcome all things. He said nothing is impossible. 

If this is true, then why are we still struggling to get out of bed in the morning without worrying about getting fired from our job or gripped by images of our spouse cheating on us? There are so many forms of bondage. From drugs and alcohol to an endless quest to be forever young.

We are so broken. 

But we don’t have to be. Jesus has given us the power to not only recognize the different levels of bondage we are entangled in, but to walk free from them. If you are looking for a level of freedom that you’ve never known before…join me for the next 8 weeks. You’ll be challenged. Your eyes will be opened. 

Expect to have an encounter with God and experience freedom from everything that has ever mocked you or threatened to hold you captive. A lot of the time, we get “saved” and become believers in Jesus, but what does that even mean? So many of us have no idea what we’ve inherited when we said yes to Jesus. That one decision was so much more than an escape from hell…

It was an agreement…a contract. 

You are now a child of God and Jesus’ finished work on the cross has made things available to you that you may not even be aware of. We stumble. We fear because we DON’T KNOW what we have! We say prayers that sound weak like we are begging God to do something.

“Please heal me.”

“Please deliver me.”

The good news is…IT IS FINISHED. 

God isn’t going to do something He’s already done. Jesus paid the price for your healing and deliverance with His own blood. He’s not going back on the cross again.

It’s time we learned what we have as believers. It’s time we dig into our contract (the Bible) and find out where the enemy is bullying us. It’s time we learn how to take hold of what has been given to us.




8 Weeks, 8 Topics

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Week One: YIELD

You are yielding yourself to SOMETHING every moment of every day. Many of us are sleepwalking through our days and don’t consider the fact that we are floating along, allowing our mind and our will to be taken over by thoughts and agendas that aren’t God’s plan for our lives.

What does it mean to align yourself with truth and walk in authority?

Week Two: TRUTH

The Bible assures us that we will know the truth and the truth will make us free. Our freedom is contingent on the amount of truth (light) we allow in our lives.

Often, we are duped into thinking that walking humbly means to live on a level far beneath what we are capable of when in reality, true humility is walking in agreement with everything God says we are and has provided for us.

Week Three: PRAY

Do you find yourself asking…even begging…God to save you, heal you or change the conditions of your life in some way? Why aren’t you getting any answers? Sometimes (in fact, very often) it’s because God has already done everything He is going to do on a particular subject.

Begging for healing? Asking for deliverance? Seeking freedom from poverty?

All these things have already been given to you through Jesus’ finished work on the cross. Learn to take hold of the promises and experience the abundant life that already has your name on it.

Week Four: WORDS

The Bible says you’ll have what you say. God made words with the power to create, change atmospheres and pull down strongholds. Your words are your wealth….so what are you saying? “I hate her.” “This is killing me.” “You’re driving me crazy.” Think it’s all harmless? Think again.

Learn to establish your life on the words you speak and to recognize the enemy’s plans to hijack your life by controlling the things you verbally come into agreement with.

Week Five: WEIGHT

What’s holding you back? What’s dragging you down? Sometimes the habits we think are harmless are the very things keeping us from living an abundant and overcoming life. Diet. Unforgiveness. Gossip….There are so many things that dull our ears to the Holy Spirit’s whispers. Learn to let go of the heavy things and trade them for the light and effortless rhythms of grace.


The Word says in Zephaniah that God loves you so much, He spins around wildly at the very thought of you. You know that longing desire you have to be loved unconditionally, fully and without any fear of rejection or abandonment? It can only be fulfilled through our relationship with God. Sadly, many of us have never experienced the weighty, tangible presence of God. This week we will throw off all of our own internal barriers and learn to experience the presence with reckless abandon. We can walk in the presence. We can live in the presence. 

Week Seven: PURPOSE

The Bible tells us “Without a vision, the people perish.” Recognizing and embracing your calling in life is what gives you that energy and passion to live life fully engaged and excited to wake up in the morning. Each one of us has gifts and talents given to us by God. His vision for us is BIG…and when we ask Him to reveal it to us, He will! Learning to recognize and step into your purpose is as easy as yielding to God and listening for His whispers.

Week Eight: TBD

To be determined, based on the unique needs of the participants. Obviously, we will leave room for God to move and speak to us in every session, but we want to purposely leave week 8 blank. God will reveal the subject to us as we get there.