What to Do When God’s Purpose For Your Life Gets Crapped On

God's purpose

Warning: Adult language (guess you already noticed)

Okay, I will admit, I haven’t been myself lately. I have felt off, and anxious, and wavering in and out of trust in God’s purpose for my life and how it’s all playing out.
This wavering has stemmed from fear, as many things do.

Fear is bondage. It’s paralyzing.
Along with the paralysis, there is a very real temptation that goes on like an inner dialogue, telling me to:
“Say it. Just say that it’s not going to work out.”
That temptation got ahold of me today and everything in me wanted to scream, “NOTHING EVER WORKS OUT FOR ME!”

But I know better.
I didn’t say it.

Our words are creative. The Bible says so. We actually have the power to speak things into existence in our own life. But it’s not like “hocus-pocus” or some kind of crazy voodoo. The reason we have what we say is because our words reveal how we actually feel in our heart, and what we truly believe.
If we truly believe we will graduate from college and become a prominent doctor, we will get past the obstacles, the difficult subjects and the disappointments along the way. We won’t let anything stop us or deter us from our dream because we already see ourselves as a doctor. We are already holding that image of helping patients in our mind. We see it…and we believe it…so talking about it comes natural.

Faith always speaks.
The Bible says, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks…” so whatever you believe will eventually come out of your mouth, and it will lay the path of your life. Like it or not, if you look around at the things you have and the situations you are in, most are of your own doing.
We receive what we set our expectation on, and many of us settle for a life that is much less than we are capable of living.

God’s Purpose: Making Space for Your Calling

When you believe something, you will create a space for it.
You will make room for it in your life.
That’s how you know you are actually holding the image in your mind and believing it.

If you believe you are pregnant, you’re going to begin making room for that baby to come.
You’ll paint the nursery and start decorating long before the baby is born.
Because you really believe it.

I’m called to ministry. I’m already actively engaged in this calling because I help people almost daily in the area of addiction recovery, but the vision is growing, so I’ve been in the midst of purchasing a house that will eventually become a recovery residence for women. This is house number three that I’ve had a contract on. I’ve gotten all the way to the end, one week before closing and my mortgage broker calls me and says, “Hi Robin. I’ve got bad news.”

Let me back-peddle a little. This house. This house is everything I’ve ever wanted in a home. Wood floors, tin roof, two story, full front porch.
I cried the first time I saw it on the MLS.
I immediately got on the phone with my daughter and asked her to pray with me, because this is my house!

Last month when Tullian Tchividjian (Billy Graham’s grandson) and his beautiful wife Stacie came to town,  I couldn’t wait for him to pray with me for the house.
Billy Graham’s legacy and anointing praying for SOZO House? Yessir. Sign me up.

I don’t think I can properly convey within the context of this article that THIS HOUSE IS FROM GOD!
It is as if it was special ordered for me. I laid my hand on the front of the house the first time I walked up on the property and said, “I thank you, Jesus, this is my house.” I claimed it as mine in the spiritual realm.

…Wait, did she say she claimed it?…Yes, Jesus said “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” —Mark 11:24.

I believe, and I’ve been seeing myself ministering to women and families in this house.

And Then Shit Happened

The house itself is perfect, but there have been so many little things that have happened from the beginning that tried to shake me. The owner even went back and forth on his deal a few times, teetering on cancelling. It’s been one temptation to get wrapped up in anxiety after another. I have held onto the Scripture that says, “be anxious for nothing…” —Philippians 4:6 and then another Scripture that says, “the only thing we are supposed to labor for is to enter into His rest.” —Hebrews 4:11

I want to talk about that right now:
Laboring to enter into His rest.
What rest?
The rest and assurance that we know the outcome because we’ve already found what the Word says about our situation, and we have declared it, believed it and now we are standing on it…regardless.

That’s what God wants, you know.
You do know that, right?
God wants you to lock onto His promise with the tenacity of a bulldog with a bone.
And when you are shaken, He doesn’t expect you to let go of the promise.

Even More Shit

So, today my broker called me and said, “I have bad news.”
Honestly, I didn’t even like it when I saw his number pop up on my phone because I could sense something was off. He said, “The loan underwriters are 7 days behind, at least, so you’ll have to ask for an extension.”
My realtor sent the extension addendum to me, I signed it.
The listing agent presented it to the seller. They didn’t sign it.

So, here we are.

What’s happening?
I have movers scheduled, a lease that I’ve terminated, and boxes packed.
I am supposed to be picking up my German Shepherd next weekend, who I’m being reunited with (another God thing).
So many things are hinging on this house going through on schedule.

What will I do?

The Lord Says To Stand

Please remember, the temptation is to do one or all of the following:


    • To SAY or SPEAK words that will tear up what you’re believing for. Example: “This always happens to me. Things just don’t work out for me. This isn’t going to happen! I knew it was too good to be true!”


    • To ENTER IN to anxiety and fear. Fear brings torment. Fear will take you down to such low level thinking that you won’t know which end is up. (There really is such a thing as being on a higher or a lower vibrational level…and when we are strong spiritually, we are vibing high!) Also, you can’t be in fear and in faith at the same time, so if you’re all up in fear….the dream is getting tore up, for sure.


    • To ENTER IN to resentments: Oh man, I was immediately resentful at the mortgage broker, letting him know he had 45 days to complete this and why was this happening. Not smart. Not smart. If I start getting into resentments and bitterness, that will bring me down to low level thinking as well. The Bible tells us that “faith works by love.” —Galatians 5:6. If we aren’t operating in the love of God, the wheels will surely start falling off the bus.

So, do you get an idea of what all the temptation is about? It’s only to get us to waver in our belief. The enemy wants us to be double minded and feel like “Poor us. Nothing works out for us.”

Well if you’re busy telling yourself that nothing works out for you, how in the world are you going to ALSO say, “I thank you, God because according to Deuteronomy 15:10, everything I put my hand to prospers!”

We can’t waiver.
When things start pooping on our blessing and our promise, we have to say, “I know what it might look like right now, but that’s not what you said, Lord, and I’m standing on Your promise!”
How are we going to help others stand, when we can’t stand?

Spiritual warfare is all about standing your ground. The Bible says, “When you’ve done all you can do, to stand firm!” —Ephesians 6:13.

Do you know I actually started writing a sad poem while I was driving home from the store tonight (after I had found all this out?) Yes. It was pathetic. It was all, “When there’s no one around and no comfort to be found, and no one here to validate these tears.”
What the ever living….? Yes, I started writing a sad, poor-me poem, filled with words that would be in agreement with failure, but as soon as I walked through the front door of my house, the Lord said, “What in the world do you think you’re doing, Robin?
You know what to do.
I have taught you what to do.”

I even prayed in the spirit because the Bible tells us that we don’t always know what to pray, and when we pray in the spirit, the Lord gives us the right words!
I’ve entered into rest, and although I may be tempted to pick it all back up, I know I can’t.
It’s not my burden.
It’s not your burden.
We’ve been set free!

I hope this was helpful to you.
I wanted to write this while I was in the middle of going through a test because I knew it would be fresh, and more real, and also help me gain perspective on God’s purpose, which I have.

Whatever seems to be shitting on your calling, your promise, or your dream today, please stop….find your promise, speak it out and enter into God’s perfect rest about it!

I love you!
God loves you more.
—Robin Bright xo

PS — God’s purpose for your life can’t ACTUALLY get shit on. Nothing can curse what God has blessed. We just get our mind twisted and it sure seems like that’s what’s happening.

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  1. J.B.

    This is a powerful post; thanks for sharing in your valleys. Specifically, the bit you wrote about speaking words that “tear” up what we’re believing for. I will stand with you in prayer on this.

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