cold turkey heroin detox

If you’re thinking about kicking heroin or putting an end to your opiate addiction, you’ve definitely got questions.

  • How long does opiate detox last?
  • What will I go through?
  • How bad is heroin withdrawal?
  • What can help with pain?
  • How bad is it mentally?
  • I heard there’s a lot of anxiety with withdrawal.

Most of the time, the fear of the unknown is what keeps us locked in a cycle of destruction.

Maybe this is your first time trying to cold turkey detox off of heroin, or maybe you’ve been through opiate withdrawals more times than you want to remember. Maybe you’re the family of someone in active opiate addiction and you want to educate yourself so you’ll know what to buy and what to have on hand when the time comes that they are ready to quit.

Opiate Detox was written for anyone who needs to know what detox and withdrawal from opiates is going to look like. It also includes raw stories and personal detox timelines from Tom Goris co-creator of I Am Not Anonymous, Dan Workman of, and valuable hacks to minimize the discomfort, by Chad Sabora founder of Rebel Recovery.

We all have one thing in common. We want to see you well. We want to hear that you quit, you got through the withdrawals like the warrior you are, and you’re now in active recovery!

If you are a parent, buy this book and leave it where it can be easily found.
Or download it and email it to someone in active addiction. It can easily be read from any device, or phone.

Sometimes the waiting list for detox is excruciatingly long. Sometimes we have to do what needs to be done, because we can’t afford to wait another day.

All proceeds of this book go toward Restoration Recovery Center, a transitional living facility soon to open in Fort Myers.