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It Is Finished T-Shirt




Everything relies on Jesus and His finished work on the cross.
He laid down His life willingly to pay the price for our freedom from addiction, our righteousness, our healing, our prosperity, and our peace.
He came to settle all the debts so that our full and complete freedom was a done deal. He paid for us and then said, “It is finished.” Matthew 19:30.

It is the most triumphant sentence in history, because it is the sentence that INSTANTLY broke us free from our sin-soaked separation from God.
It was for freedom that Christ has set us free, no longer to be tangled in the yoke of slavery.
So, let’s not return to bondage…of any kind.

The bondage we often fall for is the bondage that tells you, “If you sin, you will be separated once again from God.”
That is a lie.
When you accept Jesus as your Lord and your Savior, there is a holy STAMP from heaven that places a mark on you and says “It is finished!”
Once you accept Him, you can “go and sin no more” because He paid the price for your sins!
You walk free and separate from sin.
It’s not part of you, so stop looking for it!
YOU ARE CLEAN! Not based on what you do right or wrong, but on the finished work of the cross.

Wear this shirt and declare your authority in Christ to the world, to the devil, and to yourself.

I love this so much!

Our shirts are of the highest quality, with an excellent level of “washability.”
They are soft, but will hold up for years to come.
This is going to be your favorite shirt! I know it’s mine!



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