SOBER Racerback Girls Tank




Because we are sober and we live our recovery out loud.
I love to tell the world I’m sober. Not as a brag, but as a statement of my life choice.
When you wear recovery wear it helps people identify you and they know who to reach out to if they want to start up a conversation about recovery.
We all know that once we have a little time behind us, we look really good! Some of us look so good no one would ever think we overcame a demon that was trying to kill us!

Wearing this sober tank to the gym, yoga, or out on a Saturday morning ‘Mommy and Me’ outing is a great conversation starter. We know someone will eventually say, “So, you’re sober?” and the conversation will begin!

This tank is top quality, soft and looks great with a sports bra at the gym.

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