Scott Masi: Living Beyond the Stigma of Addiction

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I can remember walking out of the doors of Brighton Center for Recovery just having finished an inpatient stay. Here I was, day one of my new life. I was excited about the possibilities ahead, but at the same time, I certainly felt a level of anxiety.

What was I about to experience?
Would I continue to grow as a person?
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The Danger of Emotional Eating in Addiction Recovery

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Walking away from drug or alcohol addiction has a long list of challenges. Once the substance is removed from the equation, most of us realize that life can be pretty overwhelming. In order to stack the odds in our favor, I believe a holistic approach, one that deals with the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) is critical. Unfortunately, many of us come from ‘old school’ type thinking, where it is believed that a recovering addict should only deal with one thing at a time. As long as we are not picking up a drink or a drug, we should feel free to use whatever other coping mechanisms we can.

I strongly disagree.

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Final Stages of Addiction: Isolation

addiction recovery


That’s what it came down to. I think that’s what it comes down to for almost every alcoholic and addict. Held up in my bedroom with bottles hidden everywhere. Almost like an animal or someone possessed, I would become this other person when I was in the middle of a full blown binge. I’d lay in my bed for days on end, waking up just long enough to find a hidden resource and quickly drink enough to slip away from reality once again. Hours would turn into days as this sick cycle repeated itself again and again. Read More