Is Your Addicted Adult Child Living With You?

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What about Tough Love?
Have you ever heard of it?

I was a guest at an addiction rally / fundraiser banquet a couple of years ago. There was a moment at the beginning where the question was posed to the crowd,
“How many of you parents have had to close the front door of your house to your child and say, ‘I’m sorry but you’re not welcome here right now.’?”
“How many of you parents have had to call the police on your child?” Read More

Scott Masi: Living Beyond the Stigma of Addiction

addiction recovery

I can remember walking out of the doors of Brighton Center for Recovery just having finished an inpatient stay. Here I was, day one of my new life. I was excited about the possibilities ahead, but at the same time, I certainly felt a level of anxiety.

What was I about to experience?
Would I continue to grow as a person?
Would I be able to maintain my recovery? Read More