And Then One Day….Healing Happened

I haven’t dated anyone in two years.

Wait…before you pass over that sentence as if it’s not a big deal, let me explain. Over the course of my adult life, my sole quest was to find the person I could paint my story with. The country music song.
You know…supper on the stove, cool evenings spent telling stories on the back porch, and the laughter of my children running through the sprinkler. I desperately wanted that life —and that life included a man coming home at the end of the day. Read More

When Strength is Your Enemy

addiction recovery

Quotes. We look them up for encouragement. They make us feel better. Sometimes they change our immediate thinking so much that we share them with others.

Text Message.
There are so many places to share.

But what are we being inspired by? Is it the truth?
Sometimes what seems good can be just slightly twisted, and in reality, we’re feeding ourselves a lie.
For those in recovery, this lie can lead us down a path of destruction. Read More