Life After Addiction: I’m Sober…Now What?

life after addiction

I’m sober…Now what? What does life after addiction look like?

That’s a burning question for anyone who has spent more than 30 days substance free. Sure, I’ve heard it said on more than a few occasions that sobriety is the most important thing, and that may be true…but it’s not the ONLY thing.

Sobriety is necessary. Without it, neither you or I will become the person God created us to be. We will never know or experience our highest potential. Read More

Matthew Cohen: When Passion Meets Purpose

addiction recovery

Passion: To have an intense desire or enthusiasm about a person, idea, cause, or thing.

We usually talk about passion as it relates to romance or to another person in some way. But passion is so much more than that. Passion has to do with drive, fervor, enthusiasm, spirit and energy. A lot of us in recovery are afraid we’ll somehow be forced into a life of apathy and live dull, boring lives in sobriety. We’re afraid our passion will die.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Read More