Finding Love in Sobriety – Or Not

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So, I did it.
I decided to date.
I am dating.
Or, let me rephrase that…The idea of dating doesn’t currently repulse me and I’ve been on exactly five dates with two different men over the last two months. No, I didn’t date them both at the same time, and no, I haven’t (and won’t) have sex with anyone until (and if) I get married again, so let me go over the highlights of the past 8 weeks for you.
Because I believe that what I’m writing will help women in recovery navigate their way around the world of dating while keeping their sobriety (as well as their self esteem) in check. I also believe what I’m writing might offer some help to single women in any situation, recovery or no recovery. Read More

Congratulations…You’re A Leader: A Message for Those New in Recovery

addiction recovery

“Remember when I was first learning to drive? The day I became a better driver was when you told me to drive like I was leading other people.” My daughter just reminded me of this conversation. We had it during her first few days on the road. We’re all timid when we’re doing something new. We’re sticking our toe in the water, testing it out, finding our way…but some things, like driving, have to be done with more direct intent, because other people’s lives literally depend on how you perform on the road. And at 50 miles an hour there’s not a lot of room for error.

As we talked we both realized that none of us can really escape leadership. Someone is always watching us, and someone is always affected by our decisions. Even if we absolutely want no part of this picture…there’s no escape. Read More