The Spiritual Malady of Addiction

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To anyone currently struggling with addiction, you are probably already aware that you’re deeply entrenched in a spiritual malady.

The definition of spiritual malady, especially as it relates to addiction is:

Malady, pronounced “mal-uh-dee” comes from two latin words, mal meaning “bad or ill” and habitus meaning “hold, have.”  So, a spiritual malady actually means that something bad has a hold of you, which is 150% accurate.

Notice that habitus has the word “habit” in it? Read More

The Root of Addiction: Lost in a Longing Hole

spiritual malady

“Mama once told me, you’re already home where you feel loved.” —The Head & the Heart

I remember the first time I identified a deep inner longing. I was standing in a Christian bookstore somewhere in Michigan. I don’t even remember what city I was in. I had recently become a believer and there I was, just standing there. I didn’t want to leave, and yet I didn’t really know what I was looking for.

I just liked the feeling of being there.
So I stood there for a very long time. Read More