Is Your Addicted Adult Child Living With You?

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What about Tough Love?
Have you ever heard of it?

I was a guest at an addiction rally / fundraiser banquet a couple of years ago. There was a moment at the beginning where the question was posed to the crowd,
“How many of you parents have had to close the front door of your house to your child and say, ‘I’m sorry but you’re not welcome here right now.’?”
“How many of you parents have had to call the police on your child?” Read More

Jesus Would Be Part of a Clean Needle Exchange

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From the moment I first saw a clean needle exchange taking place in a Tyler Perry movie years ago, something struck my spirit. It was one of those moments that you don’t really know is a moment  until years later when it revisits you and you say, “Oh hello. I remember you.”

I remember watching this particular scene and thinking to myself, “Now that is missionary work. That is being like Jesus right there.” The woman brought needles, condoms, and alcohol swabs and was handing them out to people who wanted them. It was beautiful. Read More