Want to collaborate with That Sober Life?

We are very selective about who we build partnerships with, because our tribe trusts us, and we want what’s best for them.

Currently, we collab with SanusBiotech as a brand ambassador for their amazing liquid amino acid supplement, which has personally helped the founder of That Sober Life (Robin Bright) as well as the staff and alumni of several treatment facilities in south Florida with mental clarity and a sense of well being during early recovery. We are happy to consider a collaboration with any company or individual with a passion to help others.

First you should take a look around the website. You’ll find zero “regurgitated sludge” content. All our articles are real, raw, extremely helpful and highly original. We have a loyal readership and a growing scope of influence.

We have spent the past 3 years building relationships and growing our following on all social media platforms.
Our scope of influence includes the following:

That Sober Life Social Influence

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74% of consumers rely on social media networks to guide purchase decisions.
92% of consumers trust peer or influencer recommendations while only 33% trust ads.

What does it take to partner with us?

Reach out to Robin@ThatSoberLife.com with a short paragraph or two about your product or idea.
Let us know how you think we can help and we’ll come up with a plan that works for both of us.