Hi Mom. It’s Still Me. I Still Need You.

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“Give me your email and I will send you a video of her during activities today.”

“Okay. I’d like that,” I replied to the woman on the other end of the phone.

Why did I just say that?
What is happening.
What is happening.
I felt my throat closing.

I wasn’t really ready for this, but it was happening. I was going to receive a video of my mom.
My mom, who I haven’t seen for ten years.
I felt like I’d imagine a first-time skydiver would feel as they found themselves standing at that jump off point right before exiting the plane…asking, “How did I get here? I’m not ready for this. But I wanted to be here. But I’m still not ready.” Read More

So, I’m Writing to a Girl Who Is in Jail

recovery residence


It’s weird. The things you will say to a complete stranger to sort of recap your life for them so you can build a connection. Last night I wrote this letter to a new friend who is currently in jail. We met by a divine appointment and I already love her. Her mom saw one of my Facebook posts about recovery and she contacted me. From there, we decided to start forming a relationship while she is still in jail, so I can help support and encourage her once she gets out.

Here is my second letter to my new friend. When I re-read it this morning, I was filled with a renewed sense of purpose to live out my calling….which is to live in community and help people in transition (early recovery right after treatment or directly out of jail) get grounded.

Getting grounded isn’t easy and early recovery is the time you need the most support. No one should ever be alone after treatment or right out of jail…ever.
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The Enemy Wants to Own You. He Wants to Prove You Can’t Say No.


I’m a 50 year old female who is an entrepreneur, a successful writer, a recovery advocate…and an all around bad-ass person.
I have purpose.
I am valuable.
God says so.

I also am a 50 year old female who wakes up almost every single morning of my life with the words, “Who the hell do you think you are?” playing in my inner narrative.
I don’t know why it’s there.
Sometimes I feel like a terrible bully is following me around 24/7.
Sometimes the bully is silent. He waits. He watches.
Is she feeling weak?
Is she unsure of herself?
He always looks for the right moment to present an unhealthy thought. Read More

Does Your Pee Smell Like Asparagus?

vision board


I want to drop a simple truth on you this morning…
What you nourish will flourish, period.
Period. Period. Period.

You Will Have What You Hold in Your Mind

Your mind is like a garden full of fertile soil. Your thoughts are the seeds that grow and produce a manifestation (or an end result) in the physical realm. It really is as simple as that.
The thoughts we choose to hold in our mind end up being the story of our lives.

Don’t believe it? Read More

Life After Addiction: I’m Sober…Now What?

life after addiction

I’m sober…Now what? What does life after addiction look like?

That’s a burning question for anyone who has spent more than 30 days substance free. Sure, I’ve heard it said on more than a few occasions that sobriety is the most important thing, and that may be true…but it’s not the ONLY thing.

Sobriety is necessary. Without it, neither you or I will become the person God created us to be. We will never know or experience our highest potential. Read More